Traveling through Time and Tasting Ideas

I love photography. I love the ability to take a moment in time and capture it, then when the occasion calls for it, you return to the moment and remember. You can appreciate the beauty of the moment again much later. You can recall the joy of another time, all by looking at an image. You can go back to a place filled with beautiful sights and sounds. The possibilities end only where you allow them to. As long as you keep taking pictures you will have those moments with you.

There is something entirely different with words. Words do not necessarily take you back to a moment, or remind you of some great beauty, but words create images of their own. Words have power, for good or for evil. You can take the time to make someone’s day better by speaking words of life over them, or in one cutting remark inspire them to be more than they thought possible. Words can paint a picture, take the time to listen to any great story teller and you will soon find yourself immersed in the world of the speaker, you’re right there with them living out their life.

Pictures comfort and console me. Words inspire me.