Can Dreams Change?

Is it okay for your dreams to change? Is it?

I’ve been vying for one thing these past three years, New York City. I thought that this city was my calling, that nothing could shake my resolve this is where I am going. Now I wonder if this is just a shaking or a changing.

If the city of New York is my call in life, where God wants me to go then this is just a shaking.

This week I shared in chapel about dreaming with God, don’t be afraid to dream with Him, and in the meantime, when those promises are waiting to be given you abide in Him, you walk out life with Him and trust Him. Later that day I sat talking with a new mentor in my life and we talked about me and where I was headed.

Lately it’s seemed unclear of when I will go to New York, so I explained my confusion to him. He stated simply,

Greg, I believe that if God called you to New York, you would be there now.

He went on to say that he believes I am mixing some details up, that there is a call to a place, but more specifically a call to a people. The people who are scorned for their creativity and abstract way of looking at life, to those that the church has tried to form into the “perfect Christian” rather than drawing out the image of God (imago deo) that He has imprinted on them. This rang so true, I do feel called to these people.

He said something pretty profound but also rattling,

Don’t limit yourself to New York City, limit yourself to a people.

New York is pretty big and this demographic makes up a large portion of it. Bigger than New York. He began talking about the people locally who experienced this, those artists who have been told by the church that they need to conform to a certain image. He spoke of his personal calling to those people here in my area. He wants to create a place for people like that to flourish.

I sat, stunned at all I was hearing. I was still stuck on New York. Somewhere in my heart it felt right, but that scared me. What if not New York?

I began to tell him of an ideal for my own life. I said, if I could have the perfect life it would be to own a theatre that had a running coffee shop in the lobby.

you just described the church I want to plant.

He said.

Divine appointments are those brief moments when you know something had to have been set up.

Suddenly New York started to fade. I love the city, and I would love to live there, but suddenly it didn’t seem so important to be there right now. And I am beginning to wonder if I even want to live there (this will most likely change in a day or so).

I’ve been pouring over this for the past three days and it’s just truly beginning to sink in and it’s scary. Part of me worries, rather wants to worry, about me forgetting about the calling God has on my life. But the bigger worry, “What will people think?” For years I have been telling people non stop about my dream for New York City, to reach the theatre community there, and now it seems I’m not rushing off to do that.

I need to not care so much of what people think.

All my life people have told me that God likes to take the scenic route, He doesn’t take you straight there. Maybe I’m beginning to turn right a little and I’m not walking directly towards my city. Maybe the dream of the city was only to get me to go down a certain road, either way I know God is directing my steps. Even if that one summer two years ago is all I ever will live in the city I know I am blessed for it.

I’m anxious to see where God takes me next. And in that time I will walk it with Him and strive to serve him with my life in whatever way I am able.


I suppose today would be a good to share.

There’s been so many opportunities to write and potential prompts that I have passed up. There was the snowy walk around the school’s campus that I could have talked about, walking in step with God, making our impression on the world, leaving a legacy. There’s the fixing of my iPad and how it’s symbolic of being healed from brokenness and still having little things that remind you it was once broken. Then there’s my sickness, handling that, but no today I’ll talk about what I learned from speaking to a small crowd of people.

Every Wednesday at our school we have a chapel service where a student, RA, or intern will speak. I have felt the need to speak, we’ll share my story with my school since Winter Break and I didn’t move to New York. I wanted to talk about dreaming with God, holding onto the dreams that he has given us and trusting Him. When I was doing service prep I came across I was directed to John 15 where Jesus tells his followers how He is the vine dresser and we are the vine branches. We are to be attached to the main vine in order to bear fruit. We must abide in Christ and He in us.

In order to pursue life with Christ and to have Him give us he desires of our heart we are to abide in Him, to live every moment, good and bad, with God. It’s so important to live out the moments with God, to dream we him and learn to be content in knowing that God has you where you need to be right now.

I’d like to say I rocked the sermon, and others who heard it might say that, but really it was God. He had been preparing this message for me to share and then He gave me the words to say. It was later this afternoon that I got the most insight on my dreams than I had ever had. This afternoon was so good for me. On one hand, I had a meeting where I was told and directed to delegate more responsibility for the dinner theatre so I wasn’t caring most of the wait. This was such a needed piece of advice. I’ve been trying tondo it on my own for far too long.

Then I had a second meeting. This was one of those conversations that you remember for the rest of your life. There is a gentleman who just joined the staff of our school and his education background is in production. Needlessly to say he has been given authority over arts and worship at the school. We met together to talk about my role at the school, but it became more about me as a person.

I began to tell him more of my dreams (I had already shared a lot in the message earlier). As he sat there listening he nodded a lot and added little words of affirmation. Then when I stopped talking he said,

Greg, it sounds like you have two callings on your life. You feel called to the city, or at least you believe you do. You want to be in this city and you may feel called to live here. Far be it from me to tell you what you’re calling is, but it just doesn’t sit. The second calling, the one I have no question about is you have a calling to a people. You seem to think that you can only reach these people in this city, you are linking these callings. Word of advice don’t limit Gods calling to a place, limit it to a people. You feel called to share the gospel with and share love with the people who are lost, who are trying to find themselves, the artists and if I’m not mistaken in the way you’re talking, but young people at that.

It made so much sense. I do feel called to New York, eventually at some point in time, but more than that I feel called to the weird people the church doesn’t know what to do with, the artists and creative types. And as this many reminded me, these people are not just in New York.

I have been trying to reconcile these two for so long and it never clicked. I think I am afraid to let go of New York in the now because then it won’t happen, but I just need to remind myself that God will fulfil his promises and I am still young. I’ve realised I don’t know where I am going next, but right now I will continue to do what I have feel called to do: reach out to the lost who don’t know who they are, who don’t know what it means to be God’s creation.

God is God, I am not, I can trust that he is good and that he will come through with his promises, no matter the manner in what way, it will come.

Remember, God is fighting for you.