Adventuring, Not in New York

If you look at my URL, the web address to this blog is Adventures in New York, no spaces. I chose that name two years ago because I was going to be spending my summer in New York City and I wanted to share my exploits with those who cared to see, mostly a few in my family who wanted to stay up to date on my life. I posted once. I began blogging, truly, last November. The URL was pertinent then, because I was on this mission, fueled by a belief, to get to New York by the New Year. This did not happen. I’ve discussed much of the emotional turmoil and the spiritual wrestling with this in an earlier post and I will leave that there.

So, why is this important?

Today I started working at Starbucks again. 

You see, when I moved to New York for that Summer God miraculously provided me with a job at Starbucks, at a Starbucks, seven blocks from where I was staying. My adventures in New York were largely funded by and intermingled with the ‘bucks. I worked many hours while I was in the city and I used most of my off time to explore the city. When I moved back to Virginia I tried hard to be transferred to the local store in town to no avail. A year later I tried getting a job there again, this time completing the interview process and only being turned down because of a lack of hours. Opportunity opened up for this summer and I leaped at it. 

Needless to say, I was excited. I love working in the coffee industry. I love how Starbucks treats their employees, and most of all I love free coffee. These would have been sufficient today to make the job worth it, but there was something extra special. You see, because so much of my time in New York was spent inside a Starbucks, I heavily associate the company with the city and my fond memories of being there. Last night I felt like a little kid who couldn’t sleep because he was so excited for school. Then, this morning I woke up an hour early because of how elated I felt. Typing this out I realize how ridiculous this sounds, to be so excited to work in a corporate food service job. 

I miss the city. I miss the lights. I miss Central Park, the Empire State Building and Battery Park. I miss Broadway. I was reminded how much when I watched a portion of the Tony’s last night. (When I lived in the city I watched the Tony’s in Times Square!). I miss the subway. I miss the neighborhood I lived in and the ones I wandered. Right now I am not sure where exactly life will take me, a lot seems uncertain and I don’t know if I will ever live in the city again, I sure hope I do, but in the mean time I will remember fondly the memories and appreciate the little things that remind me of that wonderful adventure. 

Life truly is an awfully big adventure and I am grateful for all that I have experienced and lived through. A part of me will always stay in the city, but for now I forage on towards the next leg of the journey that God has in store.